Citrus Stand Media Group, Inc.

We provide all of the tools necessary to maximize your presence on the web.

Website Marketing

- The foundation of website marketing is search optimization, once your website can be found naturally through organic search the rest of your marketing efforts will become easier and less expensive, talk to us about all of the web marketing possibilities available.

Website Analysis

- Or analytics, are the tracking tools used on a website, these are the hard numbers that show the way that customers are using a website. We design all of our websites with analytics built-in to provide the user data necessary to make informed decisions about a website.

Website Compatibility

- We design all of our websites for compatibility with all major browsers and operating systems, insuring that everyone who visits your website has complete access to it.

Website Usability

- Good website design is all about creating a user interface that is comfortable, intuitive and easy for a consumer to quickly find the products and services they are looking for. If a user becomes confused when visiting a website, the most likely reaction is to go somewhere else.

Website Performance

- We go to great lengths to insure that our websites load FAST. Clean code, advanced database design and image optimization are just the beginning of our approach to Speed.

Search Optimization

- The absolute foundation of an effective website, it will provide lasting, long term benefits to your website through vastly improved website traffic. Citrus Stand Media Group employs only ethical methods of search optimization and strictly follow major search engines principles for quality content and search optimization. Our websites enjoy huge amounts of organic search traffic without spending thousands of additional dollars in advertising.

Graphic Design

- We can handle all aspects of website design and graphic elements and use the most advanced tools available. Our in-house designs are based on simple and visually pleasing elements with an emphasis on website usability and function. But if you have your own designer we would be happy to apply their design ideas to our systems.

Continued Education

- We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our users web experience so we are always trying new technologies and their application to advanced web design. We are fluent in php, XHTML, XML, XSLT, FTP, RSS, EXT-JS, Ajax, Flash, Flash with Actionscript, CSS, Java, C++, SQL, GIS, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks and many, many more please inquire.

Customer Service

- We are dedicated to providing a level of customer service that always exceeds our customers expectations. Let us show you how nice it can be working with a predictable, responsive web company.

Local Work Force

- We are a Michigan company, located in Ypsilanti right next to Ann Arbor and two huge state universities. With an incredibly talented pool of local web professionals, we DO NOT outsource projects to other countries.